Sting Seniors – Soccer and Cheer

Check out the latest banners for the Texas City High School seniors of 2013! These will all be printed on 2×3 foot vinyl banners and presented to the students at their respective banquets. All photography and design is strictly copyright 2013 Gulf Coast Imaging Studios.
10771_TCHS_CheerPosters_01 10771_TCHS_CheerPosters_02 10771_TCHS_CheerPosters_03 10771_TCHS_CheerPosters_04 10771_TCHS_CheerPosters_05 10771_TCHS_CheerPosters_06 10771_TCHS_CheerPosters_07 10771_TCHS_CheerPosters_08 10771_TCHS_CheerPosters_09 11037_TCHS_SoccerBanner_AM 11037_TCHS_SoccerBanner_GG 11037_TCHS_SoccerBanner_JR 11037_TCHS_SoccerBanner_MO 11037_TCHS_SoccerBanner_PF 11037_TCHS_SoccerBanner_PR 11037_TCHS_SoccerBanner_RT 11036_TCHS_SoccerBanner_AD 11036_TCHS_SoccerBanner_BG 11036_TCHS_SoccerBanner_KD 11036_TCHS_SoccerBanner_PC 11036_TCHS_SoccerBanner_RA

New at the Studio: Metallic Canvas Wraps!

New at the Studio: Metallic Canvas Wraps!

Metallic_CanvasWe have a great new canvas material in stock at Gulf Coast Imaging Studios, and it really shines! Our metallic canvas wraps add a sleek, modern feel to the traditional canvas wrap and are perfect for seniors, weddings, families, and more. For a limited time, get 25% off all metallic canvas wraps when you mention this post!


Texas City Stings: Minute Maid High School Game

Texas City Stings Poster

The Texas City Stings are going to Minute Maid Stadium! You can purchase tickets at our studio, and we accept all methods of payment including credit cards.

Vanessa & Antonio Salas – Wedding Photos

The first Dia de los Muertos themed wedding we’ve photographed, Vanessa and Antonio’s wedding day was full of red, white, black and fun. From Cotton Eyed Joe to LMFAO, this was a day to remember! Our best wishes to the new Mr. and Mrs. Salas!

Salas Wedding PhotosSalas Wedding PhotosSalas Wedding PhotosSalas Wedding PhotosDetailsSalas Wedding PhotosCake Salas Wedding PhotosSalas Wedding PhotosGarterSalas Wedding PhotosSalas Wedding PhotosSalas Wedding PhotosSalas Wedding Photos

January Jubilee 2013 – Friendswood High School

Photos from the 2013 January Jubilee are now being uploaded to our website! Head on over to find photos of your dancer.

JanJub1 JanJub2 JanJub3

Brooke & Michael – Save the Date

11027_JAMES_45_Edit 11027_JAMES_39_Edit 11027_JAMES_37_Edit 11027_JAMES_31_Edit 11027_JAMES_04_Edit

Save the Date!  Brooke and Michael are tying the knot!  August 9, 2013 at The Lyceum of Galveston, Galveston Texas.  Congratulations and can’t wait for the special day!


Aaron Castillo – Senior 2013

10865_CASTILLO_A_17_Edit 10865_CASTILLO_A_26_Edit 10865_CASTILLO_A_36_Edit 10865_CASTILLO_A_42_Edit 10865_CASTILLO_A_44_Edit 10865_CASTILLO_A_49_Edit 10865_CASTILLO_A_50_Edit

Cash Family Portraits

11024_CASH_J_36_Edit 11024_CASH_J_24_Edit 11024_CASH_J_19_Edit 11024_CASH_J_17_Edit_45 11024_CASH_J_14_Edit_45 11024_CASH_J_11_Edit 11024_CASH_J_10_Edit_45 11024_CASH_J_08_Edit 11024_CASH_J_03_Edit