FAA Part 107 Prep Test Class

Pre-Registration for July 13th. Class: (Full Course)

07/2019 FAA 107 Prep Class (Full Course) All Day Class: $199.00 ($229.00 at Door Day of Class)

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07/2019 FAA 107 Renewal Only Class ( Half Day) Morning Only: $99.00 ($119.00 at Door Day of Class) Does not Include Lunch.

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Prep Test Course information and Instructors:

FAA Part 107 Test Prep Course

Captain Robert Norwood and Kathy Norwood, Cr. Photog., CPP

Drones are a hot item with photographers today! But unlike most aspects of photography, drone photography requires a government certification. This course will teach photographers the rules and regulations required by the FAA to successfully pass the Part 107 FAA exam for sUAS’s.

We will cover the 5 main subject areas of the test. This include regulations, airspace classifications and operating requirements, weather, loading and performance, and drone operations.

A sample test will be administered to prepare the participants to take the Part 107 exam upon completion of this course. (Actual FAA Part 107 test will be taken at an FAA testing facility of your choice at a later date and will cost an additional $150.00.)

Capt. Robert N Norwood has been a pilot with American Airlines for 31 years. He holds an ATP with type ratings on B-777, B-767, B-757, MD-11, and B-727. With over 36 years of aviation experience, Robert has successfully navigated the ins and outs of the FAA regulations and test taking.

Robert has been a member of PPA since 2010 and with the advent of drone photography he realized that to use a drone in his business, that he would have to follow the guidelines that FAA required. Therefore, in 2016, Robert added his drone license to his FAA license and is beginning to incorporate the drone into his photography business.

Kathy Norwood has been a professional photographer since 2006 and became a Certified Professional Photographer in 2009. In 2017, she received her Photographic Masters Degree and has been married to Robert Norwood since 1978.

Kathy’s area of expertise has been in children and family photography and in teaching. She also became a private pilot in 1994 and has a general understanding of airspace classifications and operating requirements for pilots.