Sting Seniors – Soccer and Cheer

May 3rd, 2013

Check out the latest banners for the Texas City High School seniors of 2013! These will all be printed on 2×3 foot vinyl banners and presented to the students at their respective banquets. All photography and design is strictly copyright 2013 Gulf Coast Imaging Studios.
10771_TCHS_CheerPosters_01 10771_TCHS_CheerPosters_02 10771_TCHS_CheerPosters_03 10771_TCHS_CheerPosters_04 10771_TCHS_CheerPosters_05 10771_TCHS_CheerPosters_06 10771_TCHS_CheerPosters_07 10771_TCHS_CheerPosters_08 10771_TCHS_CheerPosters_09 11037_TCHS_SoccerBanner_AM 11037_TCHS_SoccerBanner_GG 11037_TCHS_SoccerBanner_JR 11037_TCHS_SoccerBanner_MO 11037_TCHS_SoccerBanner_PF 11037_TCHS_SoccerBanner_PR 11037_TCHS_SoccerBanner_RT 11036_TCHS_SoccerBanner_AD 11036_TCHS_SoccerBanner_BG 11036_TCHS_SoccerBanner_KD 11036_TCHS_SoccerBanner_PC 11036_TCHS_SoccerBanner_RA

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