Welcome to the New GCIS SiTE, COVID-19 and More

Welcome to the New GCIS SiTE, COVID-19 and More

It has been coming for a while. Technology moves on quite quickly in today’s world and especially in the industry. We have had to make some updates and tighten some security on the site in order to help our clients with the Portrait Pre-Pay and other features. With the closure of schools following Spring Break, we are taking advantage of this time to have the re-work completed.

Our schedule of events, competitions and other work has cleared and we are operating on an Appointment only basis for the next several weeks. We will be open, however even with the COVID-19 virus looming over us. There will be a few changes: we keep the door locked and regulate traffic in and out of the studio and most work, client contact etc. is by appointment only. This doesn’t mean you cannot come pick up orders or place an order, it just means you need to call the studio and make an appointment for the time you would like to come by. (If you happen to stop by without an appointment, give us a call and we will bring orders to the door and pass them off to you.) We just want everyone to stay safe, and in doing this, we are trying to help as we can.

Small, independent business, like GCIS are feeling the crush immensely. What is normally a busy time for the business has turned into a struggle to keep moving forward. Fortunately, we think we have it figured out and will be here when it all ends and thing are back to normal. If you need to take, purchase, order product for your Senior to commemorate their graduation, we encourage you to do so via our website or by calling the studio directly. We will be happy to assist you in placing your order and taking payment over the phone, to avoid unnecessary contact for the time being. To help you in accomplishing this, here is a few quick pieces of information and links that will make finding our info and galleries easier for you:

Studio Contact Info: (409) 945-5055 Hours of operation: Monday – Friday 9:30am – 5:30pm Email: info@gulfcoastimate.com

Galleries can be found at this link: GCIS GALLERY HOME PAGE (If you have forgotten your information for login, please call the studio. )

Stay Safe! We will come out of this in the end. In the mean time, if you still need your portraits, call the studio and help keep a long time Small Business functioning during a very trying time.