SENIOR 2021 Portrait Booking Page

Senior 2021 Portraits for the 2021 Graduating class will be taken starting June 10, 2020. Please review the options below and make a choice for your appointment. If you are booking the Senior Special for 2021 (Studio and Outdoor) please be advised that you will have to call the studio in order to book your appointment. Senior Special 2021 sessions are booked outside of normal hours and not available through the online booking system. Once you have a session choice please see the booking link at the bottom of the page.


We are open our regular hours Monday to Friday 9:30am to 5:30pm, with the below listed precautions and safety features to keep clients and staff safe.

We ask that you contact us and reschedule your appointment is you have any symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, or headache.  When you arrive at the Studio for your appointment, you will be screened for fever and symptoms.  Anyone having a fever greater than 100.4 will be asked to reschedule your appointment. (Temperature will be recorded via touchless infrared thermometer.)  Rescheduling will be done at that time.  You will be required to sign off that you are not exhibiting any of the symptoms listed at the time you arrive in the studio.

Gulf Coast Imaging Studios has installed a Steam Sanitizing system for garments that will be used for Senior Cap & Gown, Yearbook photos BETWEEN each student photographed. 

We ask that if you need to come into the studio that you ONLY bring the person(s) absolutely necessary to make purchase decisions and or those in the photo(s). (Please do not bring extra family members, friends or children with you.) We are limiting the number of persons allowed in the studio at one time; Only the Senior and one Family Member will be allowed in the Studio for the session.  (Others will be required to wait in the car or leave. (Our regular seating area is closed.) We ask that you please observe Social Distancing between Family units (groups) while in the studio. We will assist each Family/Group as quickly as possible. Thank you for your help in keeping our clients and staff safe.

To book the SENIOR SPECIAL for 2021 Please call: (409) 945-5055 – (Not available to book online!) All other session are booked Online.

Sports/Activity Session – Perfect to showcase your Activity or Sport(s) your participate in at school. Ask about adding an outdoor session at the High School Field or another location as well!

Yearbook + One is the perfect combination for a quick showcase of personality and accomplishments! Ask about adding a quick session in the Garden or on location to your session as well.

Yearbook Only – Still no Fee! This is the required appointment to be in your Yearbook. If you choose to ONLY do the Yearbook pose, there will be no fee. You will only take one photo that is required for the yearbook. Basic Cap & Gown add on to this will be $10.83 and will include 4 Cap and Gown Poses.


Once you have booked your appointment, you will receive an email confirmation that contains a link to your registration that must be completed before your appointment. SAVE your confirmation email, it is the ONLY way to change your appointment date once booked. You are ONLY allowed ONE appointment Date/Time. If you fail to use the link in the confirmation email, all appointments will be deleted. For questions and help: email or call: (409) 945-5055 during regular studio hours; Monday – Friday 9:30am to 5:30pm.

You must be on time to your appointment. If you are late, you will be required to re-schedule your appointment! Appointments are booked back to back, daily. If you are late, you will not get to complete your appointment!

Now that you have made your choice of a session, please click the link below: